A Love of Pinot

Feb 04, 2013 Posted by Andrew Chang 0

In the dead of winter it's great to cozy up to your favourite heavy red wine. But once in a while, like a big heavy coat, it can get a bit much. So a lighter red, say like our 2009 Fielding Estate Pinot Noir would fit the bill very nicely, thank you.

It’s mid-weight structure; soft tannins and acidity make this wine the great light red for now. With flavours of vibrant red and black fruit – cranberry, cherry, raspberry, violet, beetroot, and toasted oak, this wine is the perfect accompaniment to a whole host of meals - especially the richer and gamier meals of pork, lamb, duck and salmon. Again it’s worth noting that our Pinot Noir’s acidity and soft tannins cut the richness and gaminess of these fatty proteins while its flavours complements them perfectly. This makes it a great match for my Drunken Broiled Salmon.

Let’s talk food & wine when you see me at the winery.



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