2015 Theo’s Block Riesling

Introducing the 2015 Theo’s Block Riesling!

Exclusively at the Wine Lodge
$29.95 per bottle
limit 2 bottles per person

I’d like to introduce you to a wine that’s very special. I could tell you what it tastes like or give you endless technical details about it, but that’s not what makes this wine special. What makes this wine so meaningful is that it so greatly reflects two things: the nature of where it was grown, and the dedicated family who farms the vines that grow there.

When I met Theo and visited his vineyard in the fall of 2011, I was stunned. In such a difficult growing season, he was able to keep a picture-perfect vineyard. Over the past five years I’ve come to know that every vine in that vineyard is meticulously hand-tended to by the Procyshyn family. The vineyard is a perfect location for the cool-climate varieties that grow so well there, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the amount of work that a family can put into a vineyard, true stewards of the land.

In 2015 we kept a small plot of Riesling vines from the Procyshyn Vineyard separate from our other Riesling blocks. Thoroughly impressed by its character – it’s balance, texture, and the way it spoke to the vineyard and the family who tended it – we bottled the wine on it’s own as a tribute, a thank you, to Theo and his family.

Harvest is upon us! It’s an exciting time of year and we’re working hard to make delicious wines to enjoy! To celebrate this harvest we’ll be drinking our newest wine, the 2015 Theo’s Block Riesling.

I hope you’ll join us.


-Richie Roberts, Winemaker

Being kind to the land, we harvest with our hearts.